Room 13’s Ancient Egyptian Assembly and Showcase

For the past few weeks the boys and girls in Room 13 have been very hard at work learning all out Ancient Egypt. On Friday 15th November the class got the chance to share their learning with their parents and friends.
First they performed their assembly for parents and the pupils from Rooms 12 and 14. They were amazing!! Every single child gave it their all! A huge well done to the boys and girls! Then they got to share even more of their learning with their families at our Classroom Showcase! They took their families on a tour of Ancient Egypt and showed them all of their own work. The boys and girls and the best morning and absolutely loved sharing their learning!

A huge thank you to Room 12 and Room 14 for coming to see our assembly and to the staff who came along to see too! Another big thank you to Mrs Webber for making sure the technology worked without a hitch. An even bigger thank you to the family and friends of the boys and girls in Room 13 who came to watch our assembly and take part in our showcase! The children loved having the opportunity to show off all their hard work. Finally, the biggest thank you goes to the children in Room 13. They have worked so hard over the past few weeks, practising in school and at home and getting organised for our showcase! A huge well done and congratulations to all of them! You were all amazing!!!

Miss Stark 😊


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