What a Halloween packed week we have had in Room 4! On Tuesday night the boys and girls had a fantastic time at their school Halloween disco. The costumes were amazing and some of the boys and girls even won prizes for competitions such as the “best dancer”.

On Thursday, we had a discussion about the origins of Halloween and we spoke about some of the traditions that we still follow today, such as carving pumpkins and going out to “trick or treat”. In the afternoon, we painted some Halloween inspired ghost art. We used our handprint to create the shape of ghosts and then used a different colour to write the word ‘BOO’. I think you will agree they have turned out really well. Just before the school day ended, we read the story “Room on the Broom” because of its Halloween theme and to reinforce our learning on rhyming words.

To finish the week off, we had our final Halloween celebrations. Today, the boys and girls came to school in their costumes for their class party this afternoon. We listened to some pop music and had a couple of sweet treats. Just before the day ended, we gathered in the hall for the pupils to take part in a costume parade to show off their amazing costumes!

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  1. Brilliant class picture, well done Room 4! Cole had a fantastic day on Friday, thank you for making it a great week!

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