Our week in Room 4

This week in Room 4, during Literacy time, we have been consolidating our learning on the phonemes: a, t, s, i, p and n. We have also been practising reading and spelling our common words. Our consolidation tasks have included a phoneme bingo board game, practising the formation of the phonemes in sand and with rice, rainbow writing and also ‘Race against the Timer’, which allowed us to see how many times we could write our common words in one minute. We are becoming very good at spotting sounds and common words, in print, around the classroom. We have really enjoyed our consolidation week and can’t wait to begin learning two new sounds next week.

In Numeracy, we were introduced to ‘Amazing Eight’ and ‘Naughty Nine’ this week. We can count and form our numbers to 9 now and our formation is getting better each day with lots of practise. Go us!

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