A Busy Few Weeks in Primary 7

As we approach the end of our first term, the Primary 7’s have been reflecting on all of the amazing things they have been a part of. Firstly, the hugely successful French café. Primary 7 had lots of input into the organisation of this, they had to prepare posters and menus for the whole school and they also taught Primary 1, 2 and 3 french phrases and songs!! The Primary 7’s then ran the café  which was a massive hit with the rest of the pupils in the school!

From 01.10.19 – 04.10.19 it was Maths Week Scotland and in Primary 7 we focused on Financial Education! Throughout the course of the week we discussed salaries and budgeting. We firstly looked at popular jobs in Scotland and investigated what yearly income these jobs attain. We discussed the difference of jobs with hourly rates, salaries,  also part-time and full-time. We considered what careers  Primary 7 might like to pursue in the future. We then discussed budgeting, the children looked at different family dynamics and monthly incomes, and researched different homes and holidays that each family could or could not afford within the monthly allowances. The children were especially good at finding exotic holidays that could fit within their budgets!!! Linking in with all things money, the children had a visit from the HMRC to discuss all things TAX! Primary 7 learned about how much tax gets allocated from a wage and what important areas and services our tax goes towards in our country.

On 08.10.19 we had a very exciting visit from Major Tom. Major Tom introduced us to the Race to Space, the children had to work together to complete different maths challenges in class and then had a space related workshop. During the workshop the children made different sculptures of items they would find in space like Saturn, Ice Volcanoes and the Mars Rover.


Amongst all of this, the Primary 7’s have been practising for their Harvest Assembly. Along with learning their song, they have been learning about the history of Harvest and discussing why we celebrate it. I’m sure all that could make it to the Assembly will agree their performance was superb.

I’m sure the Primary 7’s are in need of their October Week as they have been so busy over the past few weeks! I hope the children have a lovely break and I look forward to seeing them when they return!

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