Race into Space

On Tuesday, Newton Farm Primary had a special visitor in our school. The special visitor was Major Tom from ‘AsCreatives’ who set each primary a different Numeracy challenge to complete based around the topic of Space. The results from the challenges would decide who would become Scotland’s first astronaut!

Room 4 attended a whole school assembly in the morning where the children were introduced to the six potential candidates for the job: Harry, Maria, Kyle, Yasmin, Dane and Stacey. Major Tom informed our class about our maths challenge for the day and the boys and girls were excited to see who would be the best candidate from our challenge. So, off we went back to class to complete our task.

Room 4 were told that the six candidates had previously spent time on a simulator and were asked to complete ten jobs, on the simulator, that a normal astronaut would need to do in Space. The task for Room 4 was to count up how many jobs each candidate successfully completed. The boys and girls looked at the results and used their fantastic counting skills to count up the total jobs. Room 4 found that Stacey had completed 10 jobs on the simulator so she would be the best person to be Scotland’s first astronaut from our maths challenge.

Major Tom visited our classroom later in the day to say hello to the pupils and to find out how they had concluded their maths challenge. The children played a game with Major Tom and they had lots of fun.

Just before the end of the day, the whole school gathered for a whole school assembly to see who would be Scotland’s first astronaut from all the classes results. It was very tense and the boys and girls were super excited to hear the final result. Ollie from our class was the representative to deliver Room 4’s maths challenge results.









At the end, it was a draw between two of the candidates so it fell to Primary 1’s results to finalise the scores. In the end, it was …. Stacey who became Scotland’s first astronaut! She received a huge round of applause in the hall and Primary 1 were really happy with the result. It was a fantastic day of mathematical challenges and Room 4 had a great day!

Thank you to all our relatives who attended our Harvest assembly today. We had a great time performing for you all and we hope you enjoyed seeing us singing our hearts out.

Thank you for your continued support throughout term 1. The boys and girls have had an excellent first term learning lots of new sounds and numbers and have settled in well to life at Newton Farm. I wish you all an enjoyable and restful October break.

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  1. Thank you for the fantastic pictures and updates it’s great to be able to see everything that’s happening. Cole loves looking through the blog with us and talking to us about it all. Well done Room 4 at the Harvest assembly! Hope everyone had a lovely October break.

    • It is great to hear that Cole loves sharing his learning at home. Thank you, I hope you all had a lovely break too.

  2. Ollie was soo excited to tell us all about this at home! It’s great seeing everything they have been up to in school!

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