Active Literacy Action In Room 1

This week, the pupils have been working hard on their Literacy skills using various teaching and learning approaches.

Our focused sounds have been “s” and “i”. The pupils are thoroughly enjoying listening to and participating in the Jolly Phonics songs. This has helped them be fully exposed to, say as well as carry out the correct action in an active and engaging way. The pupils have also been able to think of words containing each sound. Such successful learners we have here! 🙂

The pupils have also made a very good attempt at applying their previous and new knowledge of taught sounds, their letter names and The 5 Finger Approach:

E.g. sit

1) say

2) make/break

* (using their North Lanarkshire Council’s Active Literacy Magnetic board)

3) blend

4) read

5) write

The pupils are looking forward to learning more sounds, their letter names and use this knowledge to form and write more words in the coming weeks.


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  1. Thank you – it’s great to hear what the children are up to in Room 1. It would be lovely to see some pictures of the children carrying out some of these tasks!

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