Maths Week Scotland in Room 13

Week Beginning – 30.9.19

This week was Maths Week Scotland and in Room 13 we have been talking all things money! We set up our own class shop which the pupils have been using to consolidate their previous learning on counting money and giving change.

We also discussed some monetary terms such as, salary, income, outgoings, interest and budgeting. We decided to focus on the term budgeting. The pupils showed an excellent understanding of the concept and so they were put to the test! They were asked to plan a party and were given a budget of £45. They had to plan the fine details, from the venue to the food and organise everything they need for the guests at their party. They were given price lists and chose what they needed and then worked out the total amount they had spent, which had to be less than £45. They absolutely loved this task and came up with some amazing cost-cutting ideas from playing games that needed no equipment to having the party in their home instead of a venue. We are excited to continue our financial education next week.


One of our pupils, Sophie McCall completed the Great Scottish Run at the weekend and was given a medal to show all of her hard work! Well done Sophie!



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