Maths Week Scotland at Newton Farm

This week, we have been celebrating Maths Week Scotland in school with a money focus. Some classes have been identifying coins, some have been budgeting, some have been finding out about credit cards. In fact, we’ve enjoyed Maths Week Scotland so much that we’ve decided to keep learning about money and finance education all through October, starting with some visitors next week!

Room 5 have been recognising and sorting coins. They have also been working out exactly which coins they would need to pay for something – a very important life skill. Well done everyone!

Room 11 have been adding and subtracting coins to find different amounts and have been making different amounts with a range of coins. Amazing work Room 11!


Room  14 were looking at lots of different foreign currency brought in by Mrs McMillan and Lexie. They even took it a step further and found all of the countries in an atlas using the index and grid reference points!

Room 16 were researching a range of words and phrases that they had heard of but wanted to know more about. Here are their fantastic information posters and replica credit and debit cards.


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