Room 13’s Archaeologists

In Room 13 we were discussing how we, today, know so much about history. How do we know what has happened thousands of years ago? The boys and girls suggested that books, stories passed from person to person and also objects can give us an insight into the past. We discussed whose job it is to uncover objects and artefacts from the past. Max correctly told us, they are called archaeologists! The children were then asked to head outside and take on the role of an archaeologist, by searching in the sand for artefacts. They were told, this is how they will find out what our next topic will be! The children loved searching for the artefacts and were thrilled when the first ones were found. Once they had had a good look at the objects, the boys and girls all said “We are doing the Egyptians!” The pupils loved taking on the role of an archaeologist and were able to share some facts from some of their previous learning on the Ancient Egyptians. The boys and girls are all so excited to get started on our new topic.

Also a little shout out to our Head Boy and Head Girl, Jayden Gilmour and Aiza Kazmi for helping to prepare these artefacts for the boys and girls. Thank you!


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