A Different Approach to Spelling

Primary 7 have been practising their spelling words in a slightly unusual way this week. To make things more interesting when practising our spelling words we used different materials and attempted to make our words with them. We used shaving foam and a lollipop stick, play dough,  pipe cleaners and whiteboards and pens.

When using the shaving foam and lollipop sticks the Primary 7’s found it difficult to see the words once we had wrote them, however, it was excellent practice for the control and curves of the letters.

The play dough was very interesting to use as they had to make sure they had enough play dough to create the different words as there were 6-10 letters in each word. The children were very creative in their ways of showing their spelling words. Some children moulded out the words with their hands and some children rolled the play dough out flat and used a ruler to indent the word onto the play dough.

The pipe cleaners were challenging to use as the children had to bend the pipe cleaners into the correct letter, sometimes even having to use two to make sure it looked like the correct letter.

When working with the whiteboard, Primary 7 could either write their words as many times as they could or take their time and write it in fancy lettering.

Primary 7 excelled at all of the stations and made lots of their words with the different materials. Here are some photos of the children in action.

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