Learning through Block Play

The Adventurers room in the nursery has a new dedicated block play area for our children to explore.

Block play provides open-ended, creative and valuable play based learning experiences. It allows children the freedom to explore, take apart and put back together any block-based creation they can think of.

Block Play supports fundamental educational lessons that will be invaluable throughout our student’s life. It provides the opportunity for the development of imagination, self-expression, mathematics, problem-solving, physical development, creativity, working collaboratively, science, self-confidence and resilience, and listening and talking skills.

Children’s play with blocks will change over time as their understanding and experience deepens. As children explore the blocks, the nursery team will support and extend their learning journey and provide what they need in order to take the next step.

In order for children to fully benefit from block play, our practitioners will follow their lead during play. This might mean, for example, allowing children to build structures that are taller than themselves, balancing different pieces on top of each other while exploring structures, and constructing and deconstructing models. Whilst all block play is supervised, it is essential that children are allowed take risks during their play – this allows them to develop their skills in risk taking and risk assessment. This may mean a few bumps and slips as they explore their Block Play journey.

We are really excited to see where the children will take us as they continue to explore and learn though blocks.

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