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Room 6 read a brand new story!


Mrs Morrison was in Glasgow on Saturday and visited a huge book store called Waterstones. As she was leaving she spotted a large table with a brand new story written by Julia Donaldson. She bought the new story and brought it in for us to read together. It was called, ‘The Smeds and the The Smoos’.

“The story was about two aliens who wanted to be friends but their families did not let them because they were different” (Keeva).

“They had to sneak away from their families to play together” (Poppy).

Lennon, “Their familes found out and told them to never, never play with a smed or a smoo”.

Rae, “They decided after being friends for a long time they wanted to marry each other”.

Caiden, “They had to sneak out and climbed into The Smeds red rocket so that they could be wed”.

Kyle, “When the families found out they were very upset and missed them so they had to climb into The Smoos blue rocket to search for them”.

Emily, “They looked everywhere and met lots of aliens but they could not find them”.

Max, “The Smeds and The Smoos were sad but they started to be friends because they spent so much time together”.

Brodie,”They went home to see if Janet (Smed) and Bill (Smoo) were there. They found them!”.

Kai, “Janet and Bill had come home and showed their families their purple baby”.

Mrs Morrison, “I liked the end of the story when the families got to meet the purple baby. They loved the baby and both families were friends forever”.

Azaan, “I liked the end because they were allowed to get married”.

Poppy, “I liked the story because it tells you that it’s ok to friends with people who have different coloured skin, different hair and different clothes and different shoes”.

Andie, “I felt happy and excited at the end of the story”.

Lucy, “I liked all of the rhyming words”.


  1. Lovely pictures of Azaan and his classmates. Azaan enjoyed reading this book very much and I liked reading everyone’s comments about the book.

    • Thank you for commenting. So lovely to hear he enjoyed it. It’s the focus of our friendship top although we are also reading The Magic Faraway Tree and last week we read The Bad Tempered Ladybird. Ms Hogg played a video of The Rainbow Fish at Assembly too. Lots of great texts which are inspiring us to be good friends and think about being caring and nurturing.

  2. The story looks great fun and also has a good moral too. We love Julia Donaldson, so its always good to find a new story. LOOKS like the kids all had good fun drawing pictures and discussing it. Sadie really enjoyed story, she was sad when the parents wouldn’t let them be friends, but very pleased when they could be friends in the end.

  3. Love this!! They all look like they’re really enjoying it!! Poppy loves a good story!

    • Poppy really understood the message within the story. Lots of really good thinking and discussion around differences and making strong, long lasting friendships.

  4. Max says it was a brilliant story and he wishes he could spend all day at school listening to your read stories lol!

  5. Love seeing the updates on the blog. Jaxon has just asked for 2 book for his Christmas, I nearly fainted! He is loving primary 2 so far, thanks Mrs Morrison 😀

  6. I love a new story Room 6 and this one certainly sounds like a good one! what a lot of learning from reading…..fantastic! Keep up the good work boys and girls! 😁

  7. Kai has loved reading the story in class and said his favourite part is the purple baby 😊
    He also loves when Mrs Morrison’s uses her different voices when reading to the class.
    It’s great to see that kids all enjoying the book and getting involved.

  8. It’s great to see what has been going on in class, Lucy keeps telling us at bedtime how we don’t do the voices as good as Mrs Morrison 😀😀

  9. Lovely story, Markus is loving primary two thanks to mrs Morrison. He had told everyone he has the best teacher in the whole school.

  10. Looks like everyone had a great time hearing their new story. Caiden definitely enjoyed it and he has an increased love of reading to himself since he returned to school. Thank you Mrs Morrison.

  11. looks like they are all having a great time!!

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