“A gruffalo! Why didn’t you know?”


This week Room 5 have been learning about the Gruffalo.  On Wednesday they created a character study and then used this to write a description of him.  They also created a collage of the Gruffalo’s face.

Today the children enjoyed making an owl sandwich.  A snack that we are sure the Gruffalo would love!


2 responses to ““A gruffalo! Why didn’t you know?”

  1. What fantastic skills you are all learning in Room 5! I would love to read some of your character descriptions 👍

  2. A Gruffalo? There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!

    Those snacks look good! I wish some had it made it to my office for Mrs Webber and I to enjoy with a cup of tea!

    Great work Room 5

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