** WANTED!!! Pirate MacCraw! **

This week, Newton Farm Primary School has been invaded by the fearsome, ‘Pirate MacCraw’, Mr. MacKay’s mischievous twin brother!

He burst into our Primary 1 classrooms looking for treasure, but to no avail, he decided to take our class mascots instead! In order for our beloved class mascots to be safely returned to us, he has left us some Pirate challenges that we are to complete.

Primary 1 have shown great team work by deciding that they will all work together to not only complete his challenges, but to come up with a cunning plan to capture ‘Pirate MacCraw’ and rescue our class mascots! Our first challenge was to create ‘Wanted’ posters by drawing a detailed portrait of ‘Pirate MacCraw’ and then using adjectives to describe him.

What are we going to do? Can you think of any other ways in which we can capture him? Share your ideas with friends and family at home and then bring these to school to share with your class and teachers!

3 responses to “** WANTED!!! Pirate MacCraw! **

  1. We heard so much about this, what a brilliant idea, certainly captured the children’s imagination. I am hoping for the return of Albert ASAP!

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