Room 6 Home Learning Week Beginning: 13.05.19

Room 6 families,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend in the sunshine! Next week is Health week. On Monday the 20th of May it is Sports Day. Please send your child to school wearing sports clothes: t-shirt and a jumper or hoody, sports joggers and outdoor trainers. Please also provide your child with a full water bottle. Please apply suncream in the morning.

Home Learning – Week Beginning 13.05.19

Our Phoneme of the week last week was:       e-e   Wordlist:   these, extreme, theme, eve, Pete.

Common Words last week were:                      father        head        jump         mother

Our phoneme this week is:                                ss    Wordlist:     mess, lesson, class, dress, less, moss.

Our common words this week are:                  miss          these         four           never

In class, we have been focusing on correctly structuring sentences. It is important we practise writing sentences as often as we can. Please write 4 sentences containing a mixture of the phoneme and common words. Ensure you have a capital letter at the start and a full stop/exclamation or question mark at the end. You can also write your words on the ground outside using a paintbrush and water. After that you could go over the word with jumbo chalk.


Numeracy and Maths

We have discovered 3 games in Topmarks which will help us with our learning in Maths.

Please choose the 5-7 learning games tab and then go to each of the games:

Subtraction grids:

Subtraction Information

Use the missing number sums to help your child work out the quickest and easiest way to solve it. Top Tip: If the missing number is at the beginning of the number sentence try to encourage your child to think how they can get the biggest number from the numbers you do know, e.g.      ? – 4 = 6       You must add the 2 numbers together to find out what you started with.

Here is another example,        12 – ? = 8            You can hold 8 in your head or in your hand and count up to 12 to get the answer.

For this one,    15 – ? = 5               You can switch the numbers and symbols around and make the number sentence say  15 – 5 =         to find the answer.


Paint the Square:

Counting in 2s to find odd and even numbers.  Counting in 5s and then 10s.

Make the square 1-30 to begin with. Paint the even numbers, reset the square and then paint the odd numbers. Move onto painting the numbers when counting in 5s and the then paint it when counting in 10s. Reset the number square each time. Depending on how your child is managing make the square bigger.


Toy Shop Money Games:

Money Information

Lots of children in Room 6 are still not feeling confident counting coins or paying for items when we play games. This game helps us learn to count the coins and pay. Top tip: Each time you count a 2p, point to it twice. If you are counting 5ps count in 5s. If you have coins at home…make a pretend shop and lay the coins out you need to buy them.

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