Room 6 PE days

As of today, Room 6 PE days are now Tuesdays and Fridays. We have access to the PE Hall on both days but at times the hall will be used for other events. Please remember to provide your child with shorts or sports leggings/joggers, indoor shoes and a water bottle. Providing outdoor trainers too would be great as we often go outside when the weather is not too cold or raining heavily. I prefer for the boys and girls to keep their PE kit in a bag on their peg with everything they need so that they have access to it everyday. If this is not possible though, please don’t worry. Remember we are learning about eating healthy foods (including the different food groups) this week and our home learning challenge was to find out how much sleep 6 and 7 year olds need every night. Please help your child to find out how much sleep they should be getting and why this is important.

Thank you!

Mrs Morrison

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