Rooms 7 & 10 Easter Egg Decoration Competition

Monday 15th April – Thursday 18th April 2019


As this is a short week, we have set you a homework challenge to design and decorate your very own Easter egg!

Preferably, use a hard-boiled egg and decorate it any way you like – you could make it into a character from a book, film or TV show, an animal or even a mini version of yourself! You may also wish to use a cardboard box to create a scene for your egg to sit amongst too!

If you are unable to source a boiled egg, here are some alternatives you may wish to try: make one using paper maché and a balloon, use a small ball or draw one on paper.

Finished eggs should be brought to school on Thursday 18th April where Rooms 7 and 10 will come together to share their designs with the rest of the class. We will then invite along our guest judge who will pick the winning egg.

Best of luck, we can’t wait to see these egg-cellent projects! Remember to be as creative and as inventive as you possibly can… below are some ideas for inspiration but there are lots more online too!

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have,

Miss Duffy and Miss Higgins

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