Home Learning in Room 6 P2

Welcome Back to school everyone!

As we are in the final term of P2 we have had a go writing our home learning in our homework diaries. We hope you will be impressed with how we have managed it.

Here is some information regarding Home Learning this week…

Home Learning Week Beginning: 15th April 2019                      Due back to school on Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Please only use 2 pages in the home learning jotters each week. That will give you 4 sheets if you use the front and the back. As part of the home learning please sharpen writing and colouring pencils and clear out pencil cases. Please only bring writing pencils, colouring pencils a rubber, a ruler and a sharpener. Keep gel pens and other fun pens for at home please.

Phoneme of the Week:      a-e      (Wordlist in folder)     cake, came, spade, brake, name, sale

Remember magic E changes the a to an A sound in each word. Learn the phoneme words in a fun way, e.g. writing a silly sentence or chalking on the pavement.


Common Words:               take, gave, cold, don’t       Use Look Say Cover Write Check sheet.


Num and Maths: Snake Subtraction from 20 sheet and Telling the Time half past the hour sheet.

We are continuing to learn to use numbers to 100 in class. This is an ongoing part of our classwork. There are many other topics within our maths coursework. Recently we have been learning about money. Before the holidays we carried out some measurement tasks. We also started learning to tell the time using analogue clocks: o’clock and half past the hour only. Today we moved onto learning about converting analogue times into a digital format,

e.g. 1 o’clock           1:00               and         half past 2    =     2:30.


Project: I can learn about another country.

Learn 3 facts about the country France, e.g. capital city, currency, food, sports. Can you find France on a map? Can you find Scotland?

Compare the similarities and differences between France and Scotland.

Please use you home learning jotter to record your findings or if you have a lot of information please record on separate paper. I can provide this if asked.


Many thanks,

Mrs Morrison

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