Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Our upper school pupils have been hard at work in different teams lately putting together our school show. From acting, singing and dancing, props and scenery, tickets, programmes, costumes, sound & lighting… Our pupils have been responsible for bringing it altogether. Mrs McMillan’s props and scenery team have been hard at work deciding how best to paint and decorate the fabulous wooden props Mr Dewar has created for us! Mr Dewar is Mrs Webber’s dad and we, on the props & scenery team, would like to give him a massive shout out for helping us so much. Our next task is to make a giant Pharaoh’s head for the back of the stage… Wish us luck!

(Information on the show will be issued in due course, we hope you can all come and support us!)

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  1. I am enjoying hearing the songs being rehearsed at home, and having a sneaky peak at the dance moves! Looking forward to the show!

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