Thank you Mrs McGown!

The staff and pupils of Newton Farm are feeling very grateful today!

Mrs McGown organised the collection of The Sun Books for Schools tokens for us and we were delighted to receive a big box of shiny new books for our library. We asked Mrs McGown to pop in to the school today so that we could give her a wee gift to show our appreciation, and to take a photo.

The staff and pupils are really excited to read and enjoy these new books. Thank you Mrs McGown!

4 responses to “Thank you Mrs McGown!

  1. Wow!! That’s brilliant! Thank you so much Mrs McGown for organising for our boys and girls. Eilidh will love them. Great picture of everyone too! We love the blog for keeping us up to date. Thank you Mrs Webber for posting.

  2. Thanks very much to everyone who helped us to achieve the required amount of tokens! Let’s help our nursery too next year!

    Thanks for my yummy chocolates
    Sharon xx

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