Chinese New Year Celebrations in Room 7

Today, Room 7 had lot of fun learning  about and celebrating Chinese New Year.

2019 is the Year of the Pig. We listened to the Zodiac story and found out why each year is named after an animal. We then researched the year we were born and found out we had a class full of dragons, tigers and monkeys!

For snack, we had a delicious Chinese feast of prawn crackers with Hoisin dipping sauce, egg fried rice and chicken chow mein noodles- it was so yummy and we really enjoyed exploring these new flavours!

During Numeracy, we investigated the numbers 0-10 written in Mandarin. We had a go at writing them in different ways and then used them to create addition sums.

We learned about the different traditions and ways the new year is celebrated. We enjoyed finding out about the dragon dance and were so excited to use our imagination and perform our own version around the school.



In the afternoon, we had lots of fun with our friends from Room 10, making lucky red paper lanterns, eating more delicious snacks and learning more about traditions related to the celebration!



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  1. What a fantastic day you had Room 7! I loved seeing your Chinese Dragon as you danced around the school. Well done!

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