What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Room 2 have thoroughly enjoyed beginning to learn to tell the time over the past couple of weeks! We had lots of fun making our very own clocks in class and can now identify o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock. This week we will continue to practise drawing the hands on clock faces ourselves, making sure we remember the difference between the length of the hour and minute hands!

6 responses to “What’s the time Mr Wolf?

  1. Great to see what Brodie and his classmates are getting up to! He is really enjoying learning to tell the time!

  2. Caiden is loving learning to tell the time, and doing great at home…thanks for sharing the photos everyone looks so happy and enthused to be learning to tell the time..

  3. Kai is really enjoying learning to tell the time and has been wearing his watch he was gifted as a nursery leaving gift to school to show his friends 🙂

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