Enterprise day with Room 14

A huge well done to all of Room 14 today, who worked tirelessly over the last few weeks and today to create their enterprise ideas and put them into action through sales techniques. The four groups all offered a great variety of goods and services and sold a huge amount.

We have not totalled the final amount yet, but we will this week. Can I ask any parents who have had children order any items or services to ensure they have the money for Thursday or Friday at the latest. That way we can finalise our orders and make the remaining squishies and slime that are to order, whilst getting a final number for our gaming sessions.

A selection of the snack items will also be available tomorrow for all children in the school, priced at 50p as the most expensive.

Pics from the day are below, again a big well done to Room 14!

Mr Mackay and Mrs McMillan.

2 responses to “Enterprise day with Room 14

  1. Fantastic efforts by Room 14. Well done. 😀
    My son Daniyal in Room 6 purchased a Gaming Gods session but has not heard back from yourselves. When will it be done?

    • Hi there,

      The boys in the Gaming Gods are going to make up a timetable today for the Gaming Gods. They will most likely run at lunchtime this week or next week.


      Mr Mackay/Mrs McMillan

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