Home Learning in P2

Happy New Year to you all!

We hope you had a wonderful time together over the holidays.


Health and Wellbeing

We have included a sheet in the home learning folders to allow you to reflect and chat as a family about 2018 and what your child wants to achieve in 2019. Please talk together about this and record your child’s responses, if you wish. We will display them in class.


Literacy & English

This is a consolidation week so we are not learning a new phoneme or new common words. Please use this week to go over previously taught phonemes. Our most recent phonemes were:    oi                                    au                                  ew

Your child can write words using the phonemes above, if you wish.

 Common Words:                                                                                             their                            because                         what

some                             week                             many

them                             keep                              soon

last                                when                             book

Common Words are often difficult to sound out so please help your child to learn them so they can spell them without looking at the word.

Reading for Enjoyment/ Pupil Choice

In room 6 we have brought home a library book from our class library. Please return it on Friday. Room 6 pupils will also get a school reading book tomorrow. Room 5 will get the chance to do this soon too.

Numeracy & Maths

  1. Stegosaurus Colour by Numbers addition to 20 sheet. Remember to switch the numbers around if the smaller number is in the number sentence first, e.g. 2+7=. Switch to 7+2=
  2. Ask your child to read a number sentence, e.g. 5+3=         Your child should say “five plus three equals”. If you write a few in their yellow jotters they can read the sentence aloud to you.
  3. We have been working hard to learn doubles to 10 in class. If your child needs a bit more practise please continue to learn them:     1+1= , 2+2=, 3+3=, 4+4=, 5+5=
  4. IF your child can confidently answer, e.g. Double 3, double 4, please help them to learn:

6+6 =





Perhaps you could explore doubling tens numbers, e.g. 10+10=, 20+20=, 30+30= and so on. We have explored this in class and I have explained that ‘it’s nothing new’ because we add the single digit, e.g. 3+3=6 and remember to add the 0 to show 60.


We are looking forward to a busy term full of fantastic learning experiences. Thank you for your support.

Mrs Morrison, Miss McGeary and Mrs Potter


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  1. Thank you for providing the information, it’s really useful and a great format. We are all excited to see what 2019 will bring.

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