Scottish Schools Gymnastics Competition

Today, 12 pupils from the Gymnastics club took part in a South Lanarkshire gymnastics competition. We competed in floor routines and vault routines at Level 1, against schools all across South Lanarkshire.

We had 3 teams, all of which were brilliant. Newton Farm team 2 came second in the best team competition. Olivia McAulay won the best individual for Level 1.

We all had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves. We will be back next year!

“I flew off the vault in style!” – Lily

“We did lots of tricks” – Macey, Ruby, Demi, Lucie and Gracie.

“It was great to compete against so many other excellent teams.” – River.

“I liked it because it was my first gymnastics competition.” – Maisie.


Congratulations to the girls and boys in the competition and a big well done to all members of the lunchtime

gymnastics club who worked so hard this past term to learn lots of new skills and moves.

All the pictures from today’s competition are on Newton Farm’s Twitter page.


Written by the Gymnastics Club.


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  1. What a fantatsic day and opportunity for the children to represent the school. My daughter lily had a great time. Thanks to Mr mackay for organising this.

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