Christmas Acts of Kindness

Room 14 have been studying Advent and the different ways that it is celebrated by Christians across the world. The class spoke largely of having chocolate advent calendars to count down the days but we’ve decided to try something different. We have created a calendar based on ‘Christmas Acts of Kindness’ and the children are aiming to complete as many of these as they can before Christmas. We can’t wait to hear about each other’s acts of kindess in the coming weeks.

In addition to the birth of Jesus, the children talked about what Christmas means to them:

“Christmas is about giving, not getting” – Zak L

“Christmas is about spreading joy” – Sienna

”Christmas is about spending time with family” – Evie


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  1. I love this, Room 14! Your comments about what Christmas means to you are so thoughtful. I hope you are able to complete some of the acts of kindness on your calendars. Well done for spreading kindness!

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