Home Learning in P2 – week beginning 03.12.18


Home Learning – week beginning 03.12.18

We welcomed 4 new Primary 2 pupils today. We hope they had a fantastic day settling in to their new classrooms and having a look around school.


Our main Literacy home learning this week is the poem, ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’. Please support your child to learn this poem and try really hard to use expression and project your voice.

This week we are consolidating our learning of previous phonemes and words taught.

Phonemes we are revising:                       ue           aw             oi

Common Words we are revising:      blue        best       number        other

very        fast        took           there

their       some      them         last

If you would like to challenge yourself, have a go writing a few sentences using the phonemes above. Here are 3 dictated sentences. Ask a grown up to say the sentence then try to write it. Room 6 will not get their yellow jotters home until tomorrow.

Dictated Sentences

  1. You can use glue to stick the blue boat onto the card.
  2. I saw a green straw hat on the lawn.
  3. We went to the garden to put some seeds in the soil.

Numeracy and Maths

Follow the link to a new TopMarks game called Building Expressions: http://flash.topmarks.co.uk/4728. See attached picture showing to correct level to choose.



3 responses to “Home Learning in P2 – week beginning 03.12.18

  1. Alexis told me about the new pupils that joined there class she was excited to have girls and boys there & this is so handy to have a wee copy because in my house it’s like the black hole the paper just disappears

  2. Unfortunately we can’t view the ‘Building Expressions’ webpage as our device (iPad) doesn’t support Flash. 🙁

  3. We also cannot access the Topmarks as the iPad does not have flash and we do not have a computer.

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