Forces: streamlining and air resistance

Room 14 have been learning their new science topic on forces this term. They have been learning about streamlining both at home and inside school throughout writing lessons, personal research and an experiment. The experiment was a huge success (for one person!) and a moderate success for others.

The children all created a variety of paper planes in 4 different shapes, ranging from extremely streamlined (Jets and Darts) to less streamlined (Coasters and Gliders) The children were able to apply their knowledge of time to use their stopwatches and time how long the planes remained in the air. They recorded this in seconds on their whiteboards and compared with others. The shortest was only for around one second, the longest could still be going!

Incredibly a plane flew over the house next door and last we all saw was a spec in the sky, heading somewhere towards Rutherglen. If anyone happens to find this plane please can you return it to the school 😀

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