We are all about everything Scottish

Room 3 have been working so hard this week. Their home learning has been fantastic and there have been lots of excellent pieces of work and lots of tasty treats. Well done Room 3.

Jaxon made yummy scones,  Holly made delicious shortbread, Ria designed a rainbow kilt and Luca shared words in Scots language.

5 responses to “We are all about everything Scottish

  1. It’s great to see the children enjoying their scotland topic. Sam had lots of fun making his Loch Ness Monster.

  2. Lovely pictures, the children are enjoying learning about Scotland. Azaan had fun tasty the shortbread that his friends made for his class.

  3. Well done to everyone in Room 3. Rory has loved doing his kilt and highland ‘coo’. He is especially enjoying all the home baking from his classmates.

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