Room 13 – Artists in the Making!

This week Room 13 took part in a HUGE art project. We learnt some facts about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and as a class recreated his famous ‘Sunflowers’ painting.

This was an art lesson with a twist however, as the children each had a section of the painting to recreate. They had to work with each other to ensure the colours matched and any extra detail was lined up correctly.

We discussed the visual element and how important colour was in this painting. Like Van Gogh we made sure we used a variety of colours using short strokes of our brushes.

Im sure you will agree the work you see in these pictures look amazing, but you are only getting a sneak peek of the final painting. Tune in next week to see it in it’s full form and you will be blown away by the talent of ALL the children in Room 13!

4 responses to “Room 13 – Artists in the Making!

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product Room 13. I’m so glad I got the question right when I came to visit!👍😀

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