Lockerbie Cluster Primary Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders from the 12 schools get together on Tuesdays to work on their digital projects and learn new skills. They use Yammer to continue their conversations with each other and share their learning by uploading their documents and posting their comments.

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As part of National Digital Learning Week 2018, they have been really enjoying the challenge of reading the shared story and predicting what will happen next. They hope St Joseph’s like their illustrations of Josie.

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I really liked the explanation of the scenery. The words they used made me feel like I was there. I loved the sentence “Braw skipped happily in the sun”. It’s a great way to show what type of day it was. Well done St Joseph’s RC Primary!        Freya P6

We have been skimming over the first chapter of the story and have been drawing pictures of what has happened in the first chapter. I think Saint Joseph’s have put a lot of interesting and detailed writing and they have made it interesting.     Sophie P6

To St Josephs Primary, I like how you put the last sentence of the story starter into that sentence in chapter one. I like the description of the landscape.   Keiron P6


On Thursday, Nethermill Primary from our Cluster will be writing their Chapter and we cannot wait to see where they take Braw.

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