National Digital Learning Week 2018

It’s National Digital Learning Week. Are you taking part in the digital story telling activity?

We’re delighted to introduce you to our leading character for the story. Meet Braw. Designed by Rachael Tidmore, Communic18 Co-Design Leader, Year of Young People.

To let you prepare for your digital story telling activity we have launched the story starter. You’ll find this along with instructions on the Story Starter page.

You can share your activities here on the Glow blog on the Sharing School Activities page or on social media using #NDLW18. The sky is the limit and we can’t wait to hear about what you’ve got planned.

National Digital Learning Week is an annual Education Scotland event where teachers and learners from all schools in Scotland are encouraged to take part in digital learning and teaching activities.

Digital technology is a huge part of our lives. #NDLW18 is the perfect  opportunity for learners and schools to showcase their ideas and talents, collaborate and share how digital technology is being used to enhance learning and teaching.

There are loads of ways to get involved in #NDLW18; the sky is the limit! To help get things started Education Scotland are launching 2 main activities:

  • An exclusive National Digital Story telling activity for 30 schools across Scotland with famous children’s author Lari Don.
  • A digital story telling activity schools can enjoy in their local  setting.

Exclusive National Collaborative Story

We are delighted to announce an exclusive opportunity to take part in a national collaborative story with famous children’s author  Lari Don.

Throughout the week you will be able to join the journey of 3 stories as they travel to different schools and establishments across Scotland. On the morning of day one you will be introduced to the story starter and the character. Each day 2 schools will work on their part of the story, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Schools will upload a word document with their part of the story onto the Glow Blog ready to pass on to the next school. By the time the event is coming to a close there will be 3 complete stories worked on collaboratively by 30 schools across Scotland.

There are 3 categories to choose from:

  • Early Learning and Childcare to Primary 3
  • Primary 4 to Primary 7
  • Secondary school

The time slots have now been filled and schools have been contacted.

Digital Story Telling Activity

Even if you are not successful in taking part in the national collaborative story you can still take part in your local settings.

You will be provided with the same story starter and character as the National story. From there it’s over to your school to tell the rest of the story throughout the week so by the final day of #NDLW18 you will have completed your story. You will be able to upload this onto the Glow Blog so you can share with others and read their stories too.

In Primary schools you might ask Nursery and P1 to work collaboratively to start the story then pass it on to P2 and P3 to continue the next day, P4 and 5 on the 3rd day and finally on to P6 and 7 to finish.

Visit the ‘National Story page’ for more ideas on how your school can get involved. Local Story Page

Got other ideas? Great!

Why not get a group of learners together from across your school and plan out your activities for the week? This might be planning out your digital story telling activity or using digital technology to showcase topics and projects, even a video journal of your digital activities throughout #NDLW18. You may have already completed several exciting projects using digital technology that you want to share and #NDLW18 is the time to do that.

Sharing Activities

We would love to hear all about your ideas and activities. Why not tell us what you’ve got planned. There are several ways to share your ideas on the #NDLW18 Glow Blog Or why not take to social media and tell your followers what your school is planning for #NDLW18 and report your progress throughout the week with daily updates. Don’t forget to use #NDLW18 on social media so we can see what you’ve got planned.