2018 Local Stories

Local Digital Story Telling Activity    

It’s National Digital Learning Week

If you are not taking part in the national collaborative story you can still take part in a digital story telling activity in your local settings.

You will be provided with the same story starter and character as the National story by Lari Don. From there it’s over to your school to tell the rest of the story throughout the week so by the final day of #NDLW18 you will have completed your story. You will be able to upload this onto the Glow Blog so you can share with others and read their story’s too.

For example in Primary Schools you might ask Nursery and P1 to work collaboratively to start the story then pass it on to P2 and P3 to continue the next day, P4 and 5 on the 3rd day and finally on to P6 and 7 to finish.

In Secondary schools you might want to work collaboratively across different subjects to bring the story to life. For example incorporate the story telling aspect in English, telling the story throughout the week within different year groups.

Other subjects can get involved, for example in Computing and ICT you can bring the story to life by creating an animated story. Develop the story in another language. Use Art or Drama to bring the character to life and through all of these and use digital technology to capture, follow and document your story to share with others.

To access the story starter click here