Crudie School P5-7 challenge

On Wednesday it was also National Numeracy Day and so we decided to combine this with the challenges from National Digital Learning Week and our work on Developing the Young Workforce.

We had a good discussion about where maths is used all around us and thought of a range of different jobs and how you would use your numeracy skills in them.

At the beginning of the year we looked at the story “Oh, the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss. We talked about what the meaning was behind the story and then used it to think about what we would like to do when we are older. We created little balloons similar to those in the book and wrote our dream job on it.

We looked these out to remind us what we had said all those months ago. Now we were challenged to think about how we would use maths in that job. We created a storyboard to explain, step by step, all the ways in which we would use those skills.

We then used the app Puppet Edu to create a little movie about it. Here are some of our videos:

Lexi – teacher

Richard – farmer

Erin – vet

Erica – author

Largs Primary P2 Maths/Numeracy Challenge

Primary 2 have been learning all about money and today we have used our Coding Skills and our addition and subtraction knowledge to solve money problems.  The first part of our challenge was to send our Bee-Bot to a shop on our town map.  We had to count how much money was at the shop and then take it to our Lollypop Shop.  How many lollies could we buy?  What change would we get?  Lots of learning and lots of fun!

Numeracy Challenge, Literacy Challenge and enhancing Language Learning all using technology. Wow, Mrs Paddon and well done P7 at Bankier Primary!

Brilliant work from Miss Calder’s P1 Class for the Numeracy Challenge

Lots of digital activities shared by Baljaffray Primary School

Lots of digital activities happening at St Monicas Primary School