Collaborative Digital Story Book by St Joseph’s Primary and St Charles’ Primary and LCR

St Joseph’s Primary and St Charles’ Primary and LCR took part in National Digital Learning Week by working together to create a digital book using Book Creator that was passed between the two schools for editing. Each class in both schools were responsible for creating different parts of the book such as, writing the story, illustrating the story, creating newspaper headlines and clips, backdrops and music. Once each class had created their part of the book using many different apps such as, Notes, Green Screen, GarageBand, Scratch, Clips, Pic Collage and Chatterpix, the schools Digital Leaders came together to collate everything together. They then produced this book that you can read using this link. Click here!

Hope you enjoy!!

St. Mary’s Primary Bannockburn French Podcasts

These pupils are sharing their knowledge of historic Bannockburn House through Podcasts to give information to French visitors.

Champions of Sidh – Dedridge Primary p6 and Simpson Primary p5, West Lothian

We are delighted to be able to share our collaborative Literacy Challenge from NDLW19#  A big thank you to @simpsonps for agreeing to collaborate with us @Dedridgeps. Enjoy!


Crudie School P5-7 challenge

On Wednesday it was also National Numeracy Day and so we decided to combine this with the challenges from National Digital Learning Week and our work on Developing the Young Workforce.

We had a good discussion about where maths is used all around us and thought of a range of different jobs and how you would use your numeracy skills in them.

At the beginning of the year we looked at the story “Oh, the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss. We talked about what the meaning was behind the story and then used it to think about what we would like to do when we are older. We created little balloons similar to those in the book and wrote our dream job on it.

We looked these out to remind us what we had said all those months ago. Now we were challenged to think about how we would use maths in that job. We created a storyboard to explain, step by step, all the ways in which we would use those skills.

We then used the app Puppet Edu to create a little movie about it. Here are some of our videos:

Lexi – teacher

Richard – farmer

Erin – vet

Erica – author

Kinnaird Primary School creating animations using Toontastic

Making use of digital tools to support learning and teaching is high on the agenda at George Heriot’s School

Pupils exemplifying their learning and enhancing their digital skills at East Craig’s Primary School. Well done!

Mary Russell Secondary School participating in the Literacy Challenge. Well done!

Capturing pupil voice with Mrs Lerpiniere at Bankier Primary