Largs Primary P2 Maths/Numeracy Challenge

Primary 2 have been learning all about money and today we have used our Coding Skills and our addition and subtraction knowledge to solve money problems.  The first part of our challenge was to send our Bee-Bot to a shop on our town map.  We had to count how much money was at the shop and then take it to our Lollypop Shop.  How many lollies could we buy?  What change would we get?  Lots of learning and lots of fun!

P1 and P7 Digital Buddy Activity at Hyndland Primary School

Miss McGowan’s class learning and having fun with MakeCode Arcade

Using programmable devices and 3D printing at Fisherton Primary School

Kingspark Primary sharing some of the many digital learning experiences that have happened during NDLW19. The MicroBit signage is Awesome!

They did it! Inverclyde Academy S1 pupils have finished their NDLW Literacy Challenge and they are brilliant!

Eastertoun Primary School’s fabulous coders

Great programming skills at Denny High School