Largs Primary P2 Maths/Numeracy Challenge

Primary 2 have been learning all about money and today we have used our Coding Skills and our addition and subtraction knowledge to solve money problems.  The first part of our challenge was to send our Bee-Bot to a shop on our town map.  We had to count how much money was at the shop and then take it to our Lollypop Shop.  How many lollies could we buy?  What change would we get?  Lots of learning and lots of fun!

Largs Primary School – Digital Learning Week 2019

At Digital Learning this week we are continuing our focus on Coding skills.  All classes are developing their skills in a variety of ways.  P1and P2 have been coding the Bee-Bots and using JTE Infant tools.  A series of different challenges have been completed – we even had a Bee- Bot race!

P3s and P4s have collaborated to produce animations using the Scratch Jr App a super variety of Sprites are also being created.  Our P5 to P7 classes are investigating the Scratch Offline Editor and we are all really impressed with the new features including the languages feature.


At Largs Primary we are keen to create our own content –  Maybe that’s why we are Coding Crazy!