Collaborative Digital Story Book by St Joseph’s Primary and St Charles’ Primary and LCR

St Joseph’s Primary and St Charles’ Primary and LCR took part in National Digital Learning Week by working together to create a digital book using Book Creator that was passed between the two schools for editing. Each class in both schools were responsible for creating different parts of the book such as, writing the story, illustrating the story, creating newspaper headlines and clips, backdrops and music. Once each class had created their part of the book using many different apps such as, Notes, Green Screen, GarageBand, Scratch, Clips, Pic Collage and Chatterpix, the schools Digital Leaders came together to collate everything together. They then produced this book that you can read using this link. Click here!

Hope you enjoy!!

Digital Story Telling Activity

P5/4 from St Joseph’s Primary School, Glasgow took part in the digital story telling activity about Braw the Loch Ness Monster. We worked collaboratively in groups to come up with ideas for our chapter. We had the final chapter to complete so we had to make sure we brought the story to a final  conclusion.

P5/4 think digital learning is so important in their education because it will help them become 21st century citizens. Our world is full of digital technologies and we need to be taught how to use it.