OneNote in the Wild with Kirkton of Largo Primary School

The staff at Kirkton of Largo Primary School set themselves a challenge this term – to make use of the outdoor spaces around our school. This was the starting point for our local area project and National Digital Learning Week was a great opportunity to highlight how digital tools can support outdoor learning.

We have the perfect outdoor learning space a short walk from the school – Keil’s Den and over the weeks this landscape will be the focus for our learning and exploration.

Our learners are used to working in mixed age groups, so we utilised our House groups and planned for a different curricular focus each week. Alongside this, each group would choose a small wild space within Keil’s Den to observe each week, documenting how it changes over the term.

When planning this, there was only one digital tool that came to mind for documenting this learning journey – OneNote on the iPad.

As a staff we use OneNote for planning and our P4-7 learners have been learning how to use OneNote to record wider achievements and progress during projects, for example our game jam.

We had predominately used OneNote on our laptops, so it would be exciting for our learners to use OneNote on the iPads, taking photographs directly in OneNote and recording in the wild.

Once each group had set up their OneNote in school (with WiFi) we were ready to go exploring.

Using OneNote on the iPad has enhanced our outdoor learning experience, as our learners, from P1 to P7, are able to take photographs, audio record or type about what they are observing in nature or capture what they have created instantly. We can continue learning in the classroom, as each learner can access their group OneNote on any device in the school.

And what about their wild space? Each group can directly compare any changes each week by using the photographs taken previously.

Having access to tools such as OneNote through Glow is a great way to document learning, especially in the wild.

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