P4M – A Digital Journey

P4M – A Digital Journey!

As the final moments of #NDLW19 approaches, P4M have been reflecting on their digital learning journey so far.

October saw them creating a show linking their digital skills to the expressive arts.  They created i-movies using green screen and developed a range of musical compositions by writing  their own codes to create rhythms and then layering the algorithms to add  instruments.   This was a showcase of their knowledge of computational thinking and how this goes far beyond the digital setting.


this was just a dip in the ocean for us.   We have now begun app smashing to add value and creativity to all of our traditional lessons.  This has seen the children regularly creating functional writing pieces on @piccollage and uploading these to the google classroom to gain peer feedback based on the S.C. given.  To progress further, they have been playing with @flipgrid to consider how we can use this to make our feedback and learning more visible.



They have become ‘GSuite masters’ adding their favourite tiles to support their own learning, accessing one drive and utilising office 365 to create a range of documents/presentations.  Many of the class make ‘sway’ presentations to share their learning from home and love to present these to their peers.

They teach me something new every day!

#DigitalLearningIsAJourney #UseItToInspireNotBore

#Motivated #ChildrenAreTheFuture

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