St. Columba’s RC Primary, Annan.

Chapter 4; now it is our turn to add to the story. Before today we were busy creating the characters from the story and describing what they looked like and their personalities. We also plotted the storyline recognising the great features of language used by the previous schools; alliteration, use of speech, scene setting, paragraphs…the list goes on. Well done Strathdevon Primary, we all thought you were clever including a current issue to the story…the Royal Wedding with a Scottish flavour!

However some of our class got really into some of the characters and dressed up as them for our storytelling session. We loved taking part and can’t wait to see what follows.

Haggis Harry.
The Hunter.
Using the thesaurus to uplevel words.
Researching facts about Urquhart castle.
We worked together as a team to storymap our ideas and questions.

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