2019 STEM Challenge

Digitally document the process you have gone through when designing and testing a solution to a STEM related problem. Project-based activities allow learners to visualise data across science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) curriculum.

You could take photographs or video footage of a science experiment and create a slideshow or presentation. This could be done using Apple Clips, Microsoft Sway or Google Sites.

Pull together content knowledge from a lesson or topic into an eBook and add some narration sharing what you have learned.

Embrace your inner Computing Scientist by solving a problem using Micro:Bits using MakeCode. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any MicroBits because MakeCode Arcade allows you to create a programme online and test it using the GameBoy simulator.

Resources you may want to use

Clips on iOS | Google Sites | Google Slides | PowerPoint | Sway | iMovie | Adobe Spark Video | Book Creator

How this challenge may link to the Digital Learner Vision Diagram

Useful Links


Using a collaborative Google Jamboard to add documents, pictures, notes and diagrams to show the design flow and process. To access Jamboard go to GDrive – New – More – Jamboard. Save the Jams as pdfs or images and share on slides to build the story, even add in audio so it is a presentation saved.

Collating content knowledge with GSuite

Create a pop-up website for your project and collaborate with the project team, each page to have a walkthrough of each step. Each page can include slides, video, audio and embedded external links.

STEM activities using Microsoft Tools

Get plenty ideas for STEM activities you can do in the classroom from this Microsoft website

CS First using Google

Lots of coding activities available for you to customise which are all categorised by age and stage

Microsoft Student Help Centre

One stop shop for help with Microsoft tools for Education

MakeCode Website

Find solutions to real world problems using some of the coding tutorials within the MakeCode Website or create your own programme from scratch

MakeCode Arcade with no devices

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to any coding peripherals, you can create your own programme and test it out using the online GameBoy emulator