2019 Social Studies Challenge


Within History, Modern Studies or Geography, how are you using digital tools to strengthen your understanding of a topic / articulate your knowledge? Use some digital tools to bring your lesson to life and exemplify your learning.

Green Screen allows you to transport learners anywhere in the world and at any time. Act out a scene from history or deliver a live news report linking into your class topic.

Change the headlines of a live newspaper using tools like XRay Goggles and change the course of history.

Digitally pull together your content knowledge from a lesson or a topic and create a class website using Google Sites or Adobe Spark Page.

Resources you may want to use

Green Screen Apps like DoInk on iOS | Edit a live webpage using Mozilla XRay Goggles | Google Sites | Adobe Spark Page

How this challenge may link to the Digital Learner Vision Diagram

Useful Links

Green Screen How to Website

Transport your class anywhere in the world and anytime in history by creating videos in front of a green screen. The above link will help you get started.

How to customise a webpage using Mozilla XRay Goggles

Change history by customising a live newspaper using Mozilla XRay Goggles. See how to using the above link.

Using Google Sites

Create a pop-up website for your project and collaborate with the project team, each page to have a walkthrough of each step. Each page can include slides, video, audio and embedded external links.

Overview of Adobe Spark Page for Webpages

Create stunning websites with pictures, text and video using Adobe Spark and then view them using a unique weblink

Google Sheets

Create Geo Charts in Google Sheets to map country data onto a colour-indexed map.

Google Earth

Create a fly-by in Google Earth Studio

Google Trends

Type in a keyword or two to see how popular that term has been in an online search. Analyse the charts created and discuss similarities and differences between the keywords. Search for keywords such as politicians or historical figures to see where the searches are most popular. Filter the time period to see when the searches were most popular. Can these be linked to important events/news stories?