2019 Numeracy Challenge

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Your Travel Data

You can downloand the responses to the travel survey here – Travel Data

Do feel free to add your own data in if you want!  


Can you use digital tools to make sense of this data, find any patterns or trends or visualise some of the data?

Some questions you may want to investigate with this data might be …

What is the most common way pupils got to school?
What is the most common way staff got to school in each local authority?
What was the furthest distance anyone travelled to get to school?
Does the weather have any impact on how people get to school?
Does the distance people have to travel have any impact on how people get to school?·
What was the total distance travelled by all pupils in your local authority?

What other questions might you want to find out the answers to?

You can then capture, analyse and display your findings using appropriate technology highlighting key points and ideas.


For younger learners, you may want to visualise some information that your class has gathered?

For example, how many people in the class walked to school, how many got the bus etc.


Resources you may want to use

Keynote on iOS | Numbers on iOS | PowerPoint | Word | Excel | Google Docs | Google Sheets | Canva | Google GIF Maker

Useful Links

Google GIF Maker

Why not try the new Google GIF Maker for displaying your data in the form of a dynamic GIF. You can choose a theme and the colours for your GIF. These GIFs can be shared using a unique URL or you can download your GIF.  Google GIF Maker is free to use and available via this link

Click the graphic below to view our demo GIF

Collaborate with GSuite

Work together using Google Sheets to pull together the data you have access to. Why not try typing a question like “Find the average time spent travelling to school” and see how the software calculates the results.

Use Excel to Analyse data

You may want to use your skills with Excel to look at the data and create charts/graphs, or you may want to explore other features in to explore the data further, for example….

Teacher overview of Canva

Summarise the data into a Canva creation by adding text and appropriate pictures.

Create a Pictograph

Younger learners may like to pull the data together by creating a paper or digital Pictograph. They could choose appropriate pictures re mode of transport and weather. Take a picture or save the pictograph to share on this blog.

Overview of Numbers on iOS

Add the data to a numbers spreadsheet and see if you insert a 3D or interactive graph to make a visual represenation of the figures. You could then import into keynote to make an effective animation using “Magic Move”