2019 Literacy Challenge

A collaborative digital storytelling activity. The story can be created and developed within one class, between classes in a school, between schools in an authority, or between schools that are geographically remote across Scotland.

I have the skills and opportunity to work with others using digital technologies 

Stories can be co-authored and this can be made easier using digital tools to support this process. One group of learners or a class start the story and then ‘pass it on’ to another group to continue.

The Challenge

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Graphics you may want to use

James, our Digital Artist, has created some fabulous graphics that you can use in your collaborative story. James has also outlined some other ideas that you could use to bring your story to life using digital tools that you have access to. These ideas can be found in the PowerPoint above. You will also see from the graphics below that James has created some animation frames for both Alex and the Blue Unicorn, these can be imported into Scratch if you would like to create an animation or an interactive game. James has created an example of Alex walking which you can see in the video below.

This link will take you to the folder where you can download the graphics.

Scratch Animation Example of Alex walking

Resources you may want to use

Word Online | Google Docs | Sway | Pages on iOS | Scratch

How this challenge may link to the Digital Learner Vision Diagram

Useful Links

eBook using Book Creator

Book Creator can be used to create interactive eBooks. These books can be created to tell a story or collate content knowledge. The user can add pictures, video, shapes, text, embed maps and record narration. Book Creator is available on iOS and Chrome

Digital Storytelling using Microsoft Sway

Why not create an interactive digital storytelling experience using Microsoft Sway. These stories can be created collaboratively whith everything being saved as you type. Once finished, the Sways can then be shared using a unique URL link. Remember to insert pictures using the built in Bing feature to make sure you are using Creative Commons materials.

Reimagine the writing process using Microsoft in Education

Inspiration for creating a story

Collaborate with GSuite

Work collaboratively using Google Docs to create a digital story. This can be in your class, school or local authority.

Stage your story in PowerPoint

Why not try creating a digital story using PowerPoint. The above link will help you get started.

Interactive Story slideshow using Google Slides

Collaboratively create an interactive story using Google Slides. Here’s an example.

Word online to co-create stories

Use the above link to see how you can use word to collaboratively word on a digital story.

Microsoft Learning Tools

The above link outlines the amazing accessiblity features that are now embedded into Office 365. See how learners can highlight nouns, verbs and adjectives so they can see where they are in a document. Learners can also have their document translated and read out which could be incorporated into a 1+2 lesson.

  Click here to access the NDLW 19 Literacy Challenge PowerPoint