2019 Expressive Arts Challenge

There are lots of ways to use digital tools in Expressive Arts. You could bring a piece of artwork to life using ChatterPix or HP Revel.

Allow learners to create their own memes and infographics to relate creativity skills to their own learning and lives.

Capture a drama performance and possibly use some green screen to transport yourselves anywhere in the world.

You could have a look at the amazing Chrome Music Lab resources or Garageband on iOS and record the music you create.  

Resources you may want to use

ChatterPix on iOS | iMovie on iOS | Chrome Music Lab | Creativity Portal

How this challenge may link to the Digital Learner Vision Diagram

Useful Links

Chrome Music Lab

Create your own unique piece of music using one of the many fabulous tools available in Chrome Music Lab.

ChatterPix Overview

Bring a piece of artwork to life by giving it a voice and seeing it’s mouth move while it talks.

HP Reveal Overview

See your pictures come to life by embedding a video to describe a photo or piece of artwork. The above link will help you get started.

Green Screen How to Website

Transport your class anywhere in the world and anytime in history by creating videos in front of a green screen. The above link will help you get started.

Poster templates on the Creativity Portal

Nice posters to get you thinking about what Creativity means and how you can apply this in learning

Google Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture to search for inspiration by making a collection.

Google Sheets Pixel Art

Create your very own pixel art using Google Sheets. This is an example.


Young learners may want to use the trailers in iMovie to create their very own movie trailer complete with dynamic graphics and music. Learners may also want to try using iMovie where they can add photos, video, text, background music, transitions and a theme to really make a fantastic end product. iMovie also has the ability to create a picture in picture effect which is perfect for creating a news report live from somewhere else in the world.