OneNote in the Wild with Kirkton of Largo Primary School

The staff at Kirkton of Largo Primary School set themselves a challenge this term – to make use of the outdoor spaces around our school. This was the starting point for our local area project and National Digital Learning Week was a great opportunity to highlight how digital tools can support outdoor learning.

We have the perfect outdoor learning space a short walk from the school – Keil’s Den and over the weeks this landscape will be the focus for our learning and exploration.

Our learners are used to working in mixed age groups, so we utilised our House groups and planned for a different curricular focus each week. Alongside this, each group would choose a small wild space within Keil’s Den to observe each week, documenting how it changes over the term.

When planning this, there was only one digital tool that came to mind for documenting this learning journey – OneNote on the iPad.

As a staff we use OneNote for planning and our P4-7 learners have been learning how to use OneNote to record wider achievements and progress during projects, for example our game jam.

We had predominately used OneNote on our laptops, so it would be exciting for our learners to use OneNote on the iPads, taking photographs directly in OneNote and recording in the wild.

Once each group had set up their OneNote in school (with WiFi) we were ready to go exploring.

Using OneNote on the iPad has enhanced our outdoor learning experience, as our learners, from P1 to P7, are able to take photographs, audio record or type about what they are observing in nature or capture what they have created instantly. We can continue learning in the classroom, as each learner can access their group OneNote on any device in the school.

And what about their wild space? Each group can directly compare any changes each week by using the photographs taken previously.

Having access to tools such as OneNote through Glow is a great way to document learning, especially in the wild.

Ionnsachaidh Digiteach aig Bun-sgoil Chnoc a’ Chonaisg

‘S e Seachdain Ionnsachaidh Digiteach a bh’ ann an t-seachdain sa chaidh air feadh Alba. Gu h-ìosal tha GP4-7 ag innse mar a chaidh dhaibh.

Seo na beachdan aig Eden, bho C6:

Rinn sinn tòrr rudan inntinneach ceangailte ri topaic An Dàrna Cogadh mar eisimpleir rinn sinn bhideo stop motion. Rinn feadhainn de dhaoine Spitfires agus rinn feadhainn de dhaoin’ eile Messerschmitts – pleanaichean bhon Dàrna Chogaidh. Cuideachd rinn sinn clàran ceangailte ri làimhseachadh data air Word. Rinn mise clàr cearcaill, chòrd sin rium gu mòr air sgàths gun do dh’ionnsaich mi ciamar a tha thu a dèanamh diofar seòrsaichean de chlàran.

We did a lot of interesting things connected to our topic World War Two, for example we made a stop motion video of planes flying through a silhouette sky, some people made Spitfires and others made Messerschmitt’s. We also created charts on Word using our skills in data handling, I made a pie chart. I liked making charts because we learned how to make a handle data both on a computer and on paper.

Daibhidh, GP6:

Rinn sinn tòrr rudan ealanta airson bhideo stop motion a chruthachadh. Rinn mi clàr cearcaill le data Pokémon air word… *cough Septile is the best cough cough.*

We did a lot of art to create a stop motion video, using lots of skills. I did a pie chart on word with Pokémon data… *cough Septile is the best cough cough.*

Gabriel GP4

Chòrd seachdain ionnsachaidh digiteach rium air sgàths gun do rinn sinn tòrr ealain ceangailte ris An Dàrna

Tristan GP5

Chòrd SID (Seachdain Ionnsachadh Digiteach) rium gu mor air sailleabh gun do rinn sinn gifs air Google Gif Maker, chuir sinn tòrr data ann dealbhan. Chleachd sinn Word airson clàran agus grafaichean a’ dheanamh. Chleachd sinn Excel airson data chòmhdhail a shealtainn dhan a h-uile daoine gus an dubhlain àireamhachd fheuchainn. Rinn sinn bhideo gluasad-stad (stop motion nam bheachd sa) le Spitfires agus Messerschmitts a leag boma air Lunnain.

I really liked NDLW (National Digital Learning Week) a lot because we used Google Gif Maker to put data into pictures, we used Word for tables/charts and graphs. We also used Excel to show information that we took from the transport survey to show everyone tasks connected to the numeracy challenge. We used stop motion with Spitfires and Messerschmitts dropping bombs on London.

Digital Storytelling across North Ayrshire primaries

Seven primaries across North Ayrshire took part in Digital Storytelling during NDLW19.  We have created digital stories in previous years, using Online Word and Sway.  This year, we went for something a bit different.  Pupils had to create a story suitable for younger pupils, using PowerPoint.
The idea behind a digital story is that one school starts the story on the Monday, it travels around the other six for the rest of the week before going back to the first school on the Friday, to finish the story.  It’s a brilliant way to improve literacy as well as build on digital skills, allow discussion around copyright and allow children to work collaboratively.

A Powerpoint with a background, title and character was created and each school was allocated two slides.  Schools also had to credit their images from copyright free websites.
The link for the PowerPoint Show is below.  It was created by pupils at Blacklands Primary, Gateside Primary, Largs Primary, Loudoun Montgomery Primary, Mayfield Primary, St Bridget’s Primary and St John’s Primary.

We hope you enjoy our story, the pupils certainly had great fun creating new characters and developing the story!

Harry the Sleepy Hedgehog

Collaborative Digital Story Book by St Joseph’s Primary and St Charles’ Primary and LCR

St Joseph’s Primary and St Charles’ Primary and LCR took part in National Digital Learning Week by working together to create a digital book using Book Creator that was passed between the two schools for editing. Each class in both schools were responsible for creating different parts of the book such as, writing the story, illustrating the story, creating newspaper headlines and clips, backdrops and music. Once each class had created their part of the book using many different apps such as, Notes, Green Screen, GarageBand, Scratch, Clips, Pic Collage and Chatterpix, the schools Digital Leaders came together to collate everything together. They then produced this book that you can read using this link. Click here!

Hope you enjoy!!

Shakespeare in a digital age.

S2 pupils from Hawick High School enjoyed getting creative with digital technology this week. In their media and drama class they were asked to show some creativity with their Macbeth and Shakespeare unit that they had been learning about. Some created memes whilst others performed a scene in front of a green screen. All had an absolute blast and Mrs Holliday enjoyed hearing all about their ideas and loved their enthusiasm.

Witches meme

Digital Learning Week @ Milltimber

Pupils @ Milltimber school have taken part in a wide range of exciting activities as part of #NDLW2019.

P5 created Stop Motion movies to evidence their learning. They also used Plickers as an assessment tool and worked on projects through Google Classroom

In conjunction with National Numeracy Day a whole school house challenge has been taking place on Sumdog

P7 have been creating cars , games and Lego models using Microbits and using Google Sites as part of homework . The Code Club have also been busy developing their Coding skills

@DigiLearnScot    #NDLW2019


Primary 4 at Greenmill Primary School demonstrating how digital technology can be used to show learning

Primary 4 used the Book Creator App on iPads to show how literacy and maths can come together. Their challenge was to write a story which showed their knowledge of fractions.