Reflection TDT

First semester of University gave me a lot to reflect on as it really opened my eyes to what University is like. Having two modules related to education and one elective gave me a broad range to study. I soon realised that a lot more work had to be put in to University than to what I had previously had to do at school. Throughout school I had always done relatively well when it came to exams therefore anticipated that I would continue to do well at University.

My main time for reflection was after my assignment results as I didn’t do as well as I would have wanted to. It made me think why and what I could have done better to have gotten the marks I would have liked to achieve. One thing which I feel I definitely need to improve on is the amount of reading which I undertake. I feel that this will make a huge improvement to the standard of my essay’s in the future and will help me to receive a grade which I will be happy with. Receiving a disappointing grade for my first module might have been the shock which I needed to make me work a lot harder as I want to do as well as I can and achieve my personal goals.

Engaging in as much extra reading as possible, completing TDT’s and asking for help when I need it will make sure I do much better this semester and feel much more confident with my work. I will make sure I have a full understanding of what we are learning and use this when I am out on practice. I am glad that I have started to reflect on my time at university as it will be extremely helpful out on practice to make sure I know the good things that I am doing, and also how to improve the things which might not be going as well.

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