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Four Friends in the Garden: Sue Heap (2005)

This book could be used to explore the mathematical concept of capacity through the size of the jugs and cups used at the picnic. To introduce and develop this concept with the children different jugs and cups could be put on the table with water. The children would then explore how each jug or cup holds different or the same volume of water. Water does not have to be used, sand could be used instead. To develop the children’s mathematical vocabulary through this activity the words more than, less than, the same, more or less will be used. The questions that could be asked during this activity are:four-friends-in-the-garden

          Which jug/cup holds more water?

          How can you measure which cup/jug holds more water?

          Which jug/cup holds less water?

You could also get the children to describe the jugs/cups using the mathematical language.

The jugs and cups could be left in the water tray for the children to continue to experiment with.

The story can be used to explore mathematical language with the children. For example, shape, pattern and time. There are many different activities that the children can participate in that will develop the different mathematical language. All the activities must be active and hands on for the children to be engaged and understand the different mathematical language.