By looking at many other people’s posts and blogs it has made me reflect on my own. At the start I was very wary of posting and people seeing my work. I felt embarrassed to post and did not feel confident. Having the various inputs with Derek on developing the blogs really enhanced my confidence to post and make my post public. He really highlightedreflection the fact that by us blogging will develop us professionally which I can really see has. I feel that I have developed my knowledge as I have researched various topics and reflected on them. Also by giving feedback to others as developed me as a professional. By being given feedback as really helped me improve my posts and make changes. However it has also highlighted the strengths I have within my posts.

When looking back on my very first post and the most recent one I have posted I can see a huge difference. I am a lot more reflective in my posts which has meant that they have increased in length. I have started to include literature to influence my opinion and ideas. By reading and expanding my knowledge it has developed me as a professional. I feel that incorporating this reading in my posts has helped me understand it better. I have started to do more than just TDT’s as I feel that by writing about various things that are going on in education and the world really helps you stay engaged with what is happening today. By blogging and reading other’s posts it has developed my use of language and the way I write things.

There are still areas that I would like to improve. By looking at other people’s blogs it has influenced what I would like to eventually achieve in my posts. I would like to be a bit more reflective as I feel I am just starting to get the hang of writing in a reflective way. I would also like to start developing the length of my blogs. In order to do this I will incorporate more reflection, include my experiences and more include more literature. Overall I fell that I have come far from when I first started blogging and it is only going to improve.

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